Welcome to CD-MOM, the interactive family/parenting publication on the WWW (you are here!) and CD-ROM (due soon). Designed to bring the family together in activity, education and fun, CD-MOM is a place where appropriate technology and meaningful content meet — bringing us to a greater understanding of ourselves, our families, our communities, our world.

CD-MOM abounds with:

  • Referential features on the physical, emotional, social and financial well-being of family;
  • Family-friendly hardware, software, book and entertainment reviews;
  • A vast array of full-family computer-based activities;
  • The colorfully illustrated and animated CD-MOM family to guide parents and children to a variety of CD-MOM sections and departments — among them, “CD-DAD,” “CareWare,” “Kid-2-Kid,” “Generation to Generation,” “Hi!Tech,” “ComputerCraft,” “Bits, Bytes & In-Sites” “PlayGround,” “Going Places,” “TechKnow,” “SoftWear,” and “CD-MOM & POP SHOP.”

We invite you to enter our Open House, hang out on the Front Porch, post pictures on the Fridge Door, individualize the Family Album, find friends….Create, learn, communicate, enjoy and MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME. Please let us know what you’d like to see and hear and say and do in these CD-MOM pages. (They’re YOURS!). And PLEASE come back soon and often.


Wendy Dubit the MOM of CD-MOM

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