Several Wood Interior Design Ideas For A Comfortable House

Several Wood Interior Design Ideas For A Comfortable House

As the time goes by, there have been more people who are interested in wood interior design. It is no surprise since wood has been perceived as one of the best material for home interior for many years. It is natural, beautiful, and elegant at the very same time. Plus, wood has a unique smell which will make your room become even more comfortable for living. Nonetheless, you do not have to worry about having too many wood interior as wood is good with every furniture and color tone.

A great example is clearly made by Michele De Luchi and Produzione Privata through their work shown in the pictures. It is an apartment in Milan which are managed and designed by these two talented home designer. Everything looks so simple yet sophisticated. Almost every aspect of the room is made of or complemented by wood. The floor wood is a good example of how to balance the room, primarily when the walls are painted all white. Another great advantage that you will get if you take wood interior design is the wider selection of the unique furniture.

As you may see, every furniture steal our attention. The lamp above the dining table is the one that will catch the attention first. It is unique and very different from any other dining lamps you have ever seen. The same fixture is also placed on the ceiling nearby the living room. It is a good idea to use it as an ornament. The ceiling is also made from wood with a darker color tone. This is aimed at toning down the brightness of the room. The dining table, chairs, and the cupboard are also very simple yet comfortable to look at. So, do you think wood interior designis what you need? I think, yes.

Source: Designestyle

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