Brick Kitchen Island : A Great Idea For Your Kitchen

Brick Kitchen Island

Brick kitchen island might be the best idea for your kitchen if you love something natural and sophisticated kitchen design. Some people think that kitchen island should be as normal as possible in design, but they are not true. In fact, if you can find a uniquely different kitchen island, your kitchen will be great as this furniture is one of the main furniture in the room. Not only is kitchen island great for many functions, but they it is also an interior ornament which you should not take for granted.

An amazing brick kitchen island in an apartment you see in the picture is a good example of how a breathtaking kitchen island can be great for the kitchen design. The kitchen is in an apartment located in Gothenburg. The designer is very brilliant in balancing the color and the furniture selection. The kitchen island is a great option to blend with the wood floor color tone. The wood floor is also a nice idea to give a natural impression to the kitchen. The designer is also successful in balancing the modern side and the natural side of the kitchen.

The kitchen island is equipped with a rectangle surface made from wood. As the surface is quite large, this will allow you to give some additional kitchen set and a flower vase to make the kitchen island look more beautiful and artistic. The kitchen island is also complemented by two dark chairs. If you happen to have a kitchen which is connected with a living room like this, having some chairs like what the designer of the kitchen in the picture is very wise. You do not need a lot of chairs as you can always take your meals to the sofa in the living room right away. In the end, we know that what steals our attention the most from the kitchen design in the picture is the brick kitchen island, then why don’t you have one?

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