The Functions and Types of Pivot Door Slides

Pivot Door Slides

Not many homeowners understand the importance of the pivot door slides. If you want to improve the functionality and usage of your door, this is a crucial part that is always needed for the installation. But do you know that such slides come in different types and variants?

So, what’s the usage of the slide, anyway? It gives access to the door to pivot open and then back again to the original position. These kinds of pivot door slides are coming in heavy and regular duty. This slide has other names, such as pocket or flipper door slide, which can open to 90 degrees. This type of slide is often used for armoires, kitchen cabinet, and entertainment centers, mainly because of the unique and handy operation. Keep in mind, though, that different slides are used for different cabinet or media dimensions, weight, height, and thickness. The usage is also different. Some are used for the face frame overlay cabinet or as the inset cabinet if it doesn’t have a face frame.

If you aren’t really familiar with the different design of the slide, consult the pro – including the installation or replacement. As long as you choose the right pivot door slides for the door, you should have the fully functioning item.

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