First Thing to Do before Installing Doggie Door Sliding Glass Door

Doggie Door Sliding Glass Door

Doggie Door Sliding Glass Door is created to be fit to most sliding glass door. However, not all doggie doors can fit with any brand. To decide if they will be able to fit with your sliding glass doors, you need to know how they’re installed and the needed measurements.

Open the sliding glass door and measure the track’s height that the sliding glass door moves in. According to Designestyle, the measurement should be higher than the sliding glass door actual height. Measure the door from the very bottom of the floor track to the inside of the top track. This measurement will determine the size of the Doggie Door Sliding Glass Door. Make sure that the doggie door’s flap you will install can swing in and out easily inside the frame of your sliding glass door.

However, you know that some doggie doors will fit a smaller pet and others can fit bigger pet. Before you measure the sliding glass doors or the window, make sure to have a measurement of how big your dog is. If your measurements are precise, then it is more likely you will get the right unit. What’s important in buying a Doggie Door Sliding Glass Door is to look into all the products in the market and how much they will cost.

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